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Lift something heavy


At the risk of sounding like a bro-trainer, I wish people would just shut up and lift something heavy. I’ll be the first to acknowledge the importance of science when it comes to optimal training results but way too many people take it too far. They are overly concerned with relatively unimportant things. To put it another way, they are majoring in the minor stuff.

My advice to these people and everyone else: Stop being a pussy.

You’re not going to over train by lifting 5 days a week. All of the muscle on your body isn’t going to melt away if you don’t have a post workout shake consisting of the perfect ratio of fast digesting carbs to protein within 15 minutes of lifting. You can lift twice a day. You can do an insane amount of volume if that’s what you want. In the end, none of it matters as much as just doing the damn thing.

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery. It can handle a lot more than we think it can but, if you keep being a pussy, how will you ever know what you are capable of? This last fall I did a program that had me deadlifting 3 days per week (above 80% each time) for a pretty high volume each session. I did this in the morning and did my usual lifts in the afternoon. Was it hard? Damn right it was. But I didn’t die, I didn’t over train and, lo and behold, I put 25 pounds on my deadlift in 6 weeks. I’ll take that any day of the week.

Even this kid knows how to get a good workout

Maybe some of the things you want to try won’t work. Maybe it will be too much for your body. Fine. Take a deload and try again. You’ll be stronger than ever. Maybe you think you just don’t have time to get to the gym. Think again. Fill a duffel bag with some dirt and lift it in as many different ways as you can think of. Pick up a big rock. Push your car.

Losers and pussies always make excuses or put off until the future. Winners figure out a way to make it happen.

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