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Traffic Jams

This is my hell

I had the pleasure of spending a the Memorial Day weekend down in southern California visiting friends and family. It was tons of fun and I spent most of Saturday with my fiance banging out the details with our “wedding planner” (I put this in quotes because she isn’t really a wedding planner. She’s just the nicest person you will ever meet and is letting us use her beautiful house for the wedding) for our upcoming nuptials in August.

Good times were had by all…until the drive home. Generally when we go down to so-cal we drive; it’s a lot cheaper for two people than flying and the way I drive I can easily bang it out in 5 hours. As much as sitting in the car for 5 hours sucks, I can generally handle it pretty well. The home, however, took ten and a half hours! That’s 10.5 hours. Excruciating.

We sat in 5 hours of traffic that, if moving at all, was less than 10 miles per hour. Luckily I did get some benefit from sitting there trying my hardest not to go all D-Fens Foster on the world.


F***ing merge!!

The cause of this traffic was that the left lane of the I-5 freeway was closed some 10 miles ahead. That’s how much notice they gave us. 10 miles. Apparently that isn’t enough for many people. Whereas I promptly got over at the first opportunity, many of the drivers decided to wait until the very last second, 5 miles down the road, when there was no choice but to merge.

I understand the thought process of the people who wait until the last second. They think that they will fly by all of the other traffic and just jump in at the end. The problem is it doesn’t work like that. Instead, you just get 2 lanes a cars backed up for 20 miles or more and moving at a snails pace. Despite this, people still wait until the very last second to merge. They may get to the end a little faster than me (maybe 4 or 5 cars which, we all know, really makes the difference) because I didn’t wait to get over. Great for them but they really are missing the big picture. What should have been a minor slow down became miles and miles of stopped traffic so, even though they got ahead of me, they still sat in traffic for 4 hours!

I know this has been a (very) long analogy but I think there is a valuable lesson to be learned. What you think might be a short cut could actually be you slowing you down. You may think that freebasing fat burners in the bathroom at work all day is going to make you ripped but it won’t make up for the 3 nights a week that they go out and have 5 beers with nachos. You can take every supplement and/or steroid under the sun but you won’t get to jacked city if you’re lifting like a grandma.

You can train like this grandma

Do the things your supposed to do. Do them right and you will get there faster than if you try to cheat around them.


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  1. I’ve sat with you in traffic for mere minutes…..your lady must be a saint!!! 😉

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