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Enter the Sandbag (part 2)

So many possibilities...

**In case you missed yesterday’s post and you don’t feel like scrolling down the page or clicking the link, we mostly went over the construction of a (basic) and cheap sandbag. I suggest you read it**

Today I will lay out how to use your sandbag for a kick ass workout. A few notes first:

Use a weight that is appropriate for YOU. If you have never used a sandbag start lighter than you think you can handle. To put things in perspective I would use a 100 pound bag for this workout and it would be hard work.

If you are a rank beginner with exercise in general you are better off sticking with basic bodyweight movements for the time being. Save this for a month or two down the road when you have some semblance of body awareness.

I’m writing this workout with the idea that the only equipment that is available is this sandbag so certain bodyweight movements will be left out (i.e. pull ups)

Now let’s get to it!


  • Broomstick shoulder mobilization x10
  • Leg swings front to back x10 each leg
  • Leg swings side to side x10 each leg
  • Squat Stretch x10
  • Reaching lunge with thoracic rotation x5 each side
  • Overhead squat with broomstick x10
  • Inch worm x10

This should take no more than 5 minutes and should be completed as a giant set with no rest between movements. Warming up is important. Do it!


1. Shouldering with reverse lunge – 4 x 8 each side

2. Zercher Squat – 3 x 15

3. Clean and press – 4 x 1 minute. Max reps you can get in 1 minute. Rest 2 minutes and do another minute, trying to beat the previous reps.

4A. Bent Over Rows -2 x max reps

4B. Push ups with bag on your back – 2 x max reps

4C. Overhead carry – 2 x 100 yards or a few trips around your backyard if you don’t have that much space

Perform the ABC group as a tri-set. After the overhead carry drop the bag, rest as little as needed and start the second set.

Simple but hard as hell.


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