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Another (bad?) Analogy

My sister is getting married in T-Minus 6 days and all of the craziness that will be this week started yesterday with my soon-to-be-brother-in-law’s bachelor party.

Before you go and picture some crazy Hangover 3 I should say that there wasn’t really any drinking involved. We were on the bay fishing from a boat (which is serious business if you don’t know) but I do have a slight hungover feeling. It’s a simple formula: 12 hours on a boat + sun + water = Shane red in the face…literally.

Part of my list of preparations for the wedding is to paint the living room. This will make the hordes of friends and family that will be traveling from afar and stopping by our place believe that we (by ‘we’ I mean Pim and myself) live in a fancy and classy apartment instead of one where we watch hoarders and tell ourselves at least we aren’t those people.

Before I can paint, however, I have to TSP the walls to remove the gloss from the previous paint job, thus allowing the new paint to adhere better. Now this step might seem tedious but the results it produces are highly superior to not doing it.
I consider the TSP part of the project to be the basic (and essential) first step in the painting process.

This is where the analogy comes in. Just like the painting, many people skip this first step when they tackle their fitness goals and go straight for the showy stuff before they are prepared for it.

If you can’t do one full proper push up do you think you have any place doing a bench press?

Maybe you’ve never worked out a day in your life but you decide to start without hiring a trainer or getting a knowledgeable friend to show you the ropes. Do you think going to the gym, with your copy of Muscle and Fitness’ latest pro-maker routine in hand, is a reasonable thing to do? I mean, how hard can the exercises they list really be and they show pictures if you’re confused. It’s like swimming. You may not know how to swim but you watched Michael Phelps win the Olympics so why not just jump in?

Take the time to do the necessary stuff first. It may not be flashy but it will make the showy stuff better.

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