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Tuesday Randomness

My sister is now officially hitched. Everyone has returned to their respective homes and life, for the most part, has returned to normal. I’m going to try and enjoy this while I can since my own wedding is only six weeks away and life will no doubt get hectic. In the mean time, I will be be training my ass off, my clients ass off and blogging.

I have added a new page that contains my training log. There are a lot of reasons for this that I discuss on that page so check it out to see for yourself.

1. I want to first say congratulations to Shelby Starnes for his first place victory at the NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago this weekend. No contest!

2. I love reading old training articles and anything that has to do with older training methods. So much can be learned from the people and methods used of a different era. One of my favorites is Bill “Peanuts” West. This guy was a major pioneer in powerlifting. If there wasn’t a Bill West there would be no Louie Simmons. You can read more about him here. Incidentally, the site that is linked there is one of my favorite in general. Spend some time on it.

Strong guys do curls

3. My lovely fiance turned me on to what might just be the most bad ass sport ever in the history of sports: Octopus Wrestling. I’ll let Wikipedia explain.

4. It’s hot and sunny here in San Francisco which is only fitting for the summer solstice. I like that because I always train better when it is sunny. It must be because I’m a fire bender.

5. The new Captain America comes out in about a month. I’m a HUGE Cap fan. Although the movie might be good, I can’t help but wonder what is happening to this country? Chris Evans, who play Cap, is a fit guy but is he Captain America? Hardly. It saddens me that everyone is making a big deal out of how big he is in the movie. First, he isn’t that big. Second, the super soldiered Steve Rogers is supposed to be 6’2″ and 240 pounds! Just to put things in perspective. This is a still from the movie right as Steve Rogers gets the super soldier serum:

Chris Evans

This is a picture of what 6’2″ 240 pounds looks like :

I’m not saying he has to be this big, but come on. I should also note that I would never have cast Arnold as Cap. He look nothing like him in the face and can you imagine a German Captain America? Sacrilege.


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  1. Man, I’m no fire bender, but that theory totally makes sense.

    I also agree on the Cap stuff. Although could it be that Americans like Pansy Boys like the dude from twilight more than they like real men like Arnold????

    I challenge Twilight guy to keep a hidden kid for like 85 years!!! That’s impressive.

    Can’t wait for the Wedding!

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