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Last Night Fish Oil Saved My Life

Fish oil. By now just about everyone and their dog has heard of fish oil. They all know that they should be taking it and it has something to do with omega 3 fatty acids. Ask just about anyone on the street WHY they should be taking fish oil and you will get a mixed bag of uninformed answers.

“It’s good for your heart…or something.”

“It helps your joints.”

“Dr. Oz says that it helps lower cholesterol.”

Pretty typical. Most people are pretty limited in their views to these few basic reasons. Fish oil, however, goes far beyond that.

Benefits (just some of them) include:

  • – Anti-inflammatory
  • – Reduces Cardiovascular Disease
  • – Lowers Blood Pressure
  • – Helps with Post-Partum Depression
  • – Relieves symptoms of Crohn’s disease
  • – Helps those suffering from asthma, rheumatoid arthritis or prostate cancer.
  • – Burns Fat
  • – It’s Anabolic!

All of this adds up to one indisputable fact.


I would set a minimum daily dosage at 5 grams per day. I currently take between 15 and 25 grams. Even at my current lowered caloric intake I feel unstoppable. Like I walk through walls unstoppable.

I can get into the science of how and why all of this works if people are interested but I want to see some comments first.

Let’s say 5 comments from people saying they want to me to do a post that is more sciency and delves deeper into the subject. In the mean time, take some more fish oil!

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  1. It makes you unstoppable???? Like the Juggernaught???

    I’ve been adding miles to my runs…thinking one day i might wanna do either Hood to coast with some buddies or…..even though i’ve heard it’s terrible for you….a marathon…

    i’ve heard distance runners use it to help with the pounding your joints take on long runs…..i’ve thinking about using it and would love to know a little more 😀

  2. Does it have to do with Omegas? As in Omegas Men? jk, but maybe?

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