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Some outside fun

Now that labor day has passed summer has officially started in San Francisco. This means I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor training. As I have touched on in previous posts, I try to get outside and lift as much as possible, but it is so much more enjoyable when it is sunny/warm/not-hurricane-winds-and-fog.

Although many readers may be in more conformist climates (that’s right, even the weather in San Francisco is hipster), it is still a good time get outside and enjoy the last bits of summer. For many people this presents a challenge because, unlike me, they aren’t obsessed and haven’t spent a bunch of money on lifting equipment to stash in their garage and take outside with them. Does that mean these people are doomed to the gloom of indoor lifting? Far from it.

It would be easy enough to just go outside and kill it with some burpees and pull ups at a local park or push a car around but I will offer an additional or alternative to those with exercise ADD.

Wheelbarrow pushes.

The hottest new fitness gadget

This movement is a classic with variations done in most strongman competitions that will challenge your grip, cardio, legs, core and basically every muscle in your body. It’s very simply. Get a wheelbarrow. Load it with as much weight, dirt, scrap, friends, etc. as you can. Once it is loaded down lift it and walk. You can go for a specific distance, time or speed. Do it a bunch of times. If that is too easy, push it up an incline.

Don’t own a wheelbarrow? Ask to use a friends or steal* one from a construction site.


*Note: I don’t condone theft. If you return it when you finish your training it isn’t stealing.

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