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***This post is not intended to be an endorsement for or against any type or brand of supplement, it is simply what I currently take. I will make a post about supplements and brands that I like in the future***

I have recently been getting an increasing number of emails from my adoring fans about what supplements I take. I can only imagine that this upsurge in emails is related to my current training experiment. This is understandable since looking at my volume, intensity and frequency would make most readers of mainstream fitness magazines soil their Under Armor briefs.

The supplement industry has done a wonderful job making people think  that, without supplements, they will shrivel up, waste their time in the gym and, probably, die. I would like to point out that this is a load of horse shit. All it takes is looking at any lifter from the early to mid part of the last century to see just how far you can go with nothing but food. That being said, however, I believe certain supplements do have their place.

Although I could easily be a complete supplement whore I am also extremely cheap. The two things do not go very well together. Because of this, my list of supplements is limited to those that I find to give me the most benefit.

1. Multivitamin/Multimineral – This bad boy comes in a pack of 30 and costs a whopping $10 from Trader Joes. Is Animal Pak better? Probably but it also costs 5 times more.

2. Protein Powder – Simple whey protein. I use various brands but will generally get most of my protein powders from trueprotein.com I like that you can get it unflavored and unsweetened. At the moment, as you can see in the picture, I am using a Muscle Milk whey that Costco sells 6 pounds for $35. Probably not the best quality but I ran out of my other stuff and this was a fast solution.

3. Psyllium Husk – Not much to say here. I buy it at Trader Joes for 10 bucks and it helps keep the ol’ pipes clear.

4. Desicated Liver Tablets – I don’t really know that these do too much for me but they used to be a staple in the supplement arsenal of old time lifters. I also do notice that my energy is a little bit better when I take these (probably because of the high b-12 content) and since I have started taking them it takes WAY more to get me drunk…not really sure that they have that effect…I find that these are also important to counter my complete lack of dietary liver consumption, something that I believe is necessary for being awesome.

5. Creatine – I actually feel nothing from this. Zero. Nada. However, it has many other health benefits that make it worth it considering it is very cheap.

6. Glucose Tabs – Yep, just like diabetics take. I find that they are very useful for getting some post workout insulin spike without taking in too many carbs.


7. Fish oil – I almost don’t consider this a supplement. It is merely a fat source in my diet.

8. Pedialtye (sometimes) – This is a 90’s powerlifter thing. On days that I know lifting is going to be strenuous (Smolov days for example) I may mix some protein in with this stuff. 1 litre provides 25 grams of dextrose and a bunch of electrolytes. There are better peri-workout mixes available but not for the price and not sold at the Walgreens down the street from my house.

To those that were expecting me to say I take Super Aminodrol Mandingo Complex 45 or five grams of test a week…sorry. Pretty conservative supplement usage.  If you’re still wondering how I manage to lift the way I do on these limited supplements I say stop being a total wuss. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.

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