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Quest to 3 Pounds Per Inch – Training Details

The last two posts I went over my new goal of trying to get to 3 pounds per inch of height, 215 pounds, and the dietary guidelines that I have created to reach that goal. This post will be the training program.

It’s nothing fancy. Simple periodization. I’m doing this because, as said in earlier posts, I haven’t given this it’s fair shake and it’s time that I do. This is my second cycle (for the squat anyway) and I added weight the first time around. I also can benefit from the volume since my goal is to add muscular weight.

I train 7 days per week. Why? Because I can and I want to and, frankly, I have no reason not to.

  • DAY 1 – Heavy Squat/Legs/Biceps
  • DAY 2 – Light Bench/Heavy Press/Triceps
  • DAY 3 – Light Deadlift/Back
  • DAY 4 – Light Squat/Legs/Biceps
  • DAY 5 – Heavy Bench/Light Press/Triceps
  • DAY 6 – Heavy Deadlift/Back
  • DAY 7 – Extra shoulder and triceps volume work work

The periodized cycle, which I am currently 4 weeks into, looks like this

Start each heavy day with an over-warm up 5,4,3,2,1,1,1 approach with the singles starting at around 85% and not going above 93-95% of current max.


  1. 60 x8 then 3×10 @85% of top weight
  2. 65 x8 then 3×10 @85% of top weight
  3. 70 x5 then 3×8 @85% of top weight
  4. 75 x5 then 3×8 @85% of top weight
  5. 80 x5 then 3×8 @85% of top weight
  6. 85 x5 then 3×5 @85% of top weight
  7. 90 x3-5 then 3×5 @85% of top weight
  8. 95 x2-3 then 3×5 @85% of top weight
  9. Max Test


Same percentages but 3 sets at the top weight. Same back off sets/reps.

This is pretty basic stuff and I’m far from reinventing the wheel here. The twist that I add to this is on the top set. I look at those listed reps as a minimum at that percent. So for the top set, or the first of the three top sets for bench, I go for a rep maximum, stopping shy of failure. Generally my goal is 1.5 to 2 times the amount of original reps. On “light days” I only do the minimum reps. If I am having a shitty day I only make sure I get the minimum reps and call it good.

My accessory work will vary somewhat but for bench I will do close grip and illegal wide grip bench, both for 3 sets of the weight and reps listed for back off work. Squats are the back off sets but with pauses. Heavy deadlifts  are the back offs from a platform.

Really you can see a lot of similarities with 5/3/1, LRB and Purposeful Primitive. I’m not ashamed to say that all three of these things were a big influence.

In addition to this I am conduction a little experiment and turning myself into something of a modern day Milo of Croton. Instead of a bull I am wearing a weight vest all day every day. At the moment it weighs 35 pounds. So far I can say that my traps are a bit tired, my feet hurt, food is not satiating and I fall asleep much faster than normal, much to my wife’s chagrin.

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