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My new training

Started a new training yesterday with the plan of hitting a few competitions here in the near future. I’m starting to heavily incorporate some of the Reactive Training Systems style of training, in particular the RPE scale as a determiner of work. The day broke down like this:

  • Front Squat: 285 6×2 @8
  • Incline Press: 185 x8 @7, 200 x8 @9, 190 x8 @9
  • Pin Squat: 275 5×5 @6-7
  • Neutral Grip DB Bench: 50×20 @7, 75×12 @8, 100 2×5 @8/9
  • Kaz Press in Smith Machine: 70 4×10 @6-7

It’s been a while since I’ve done front squats so I thought I’d start fairly easily into them. This next 3-4 weeks of training is going to be very volume focused so I plan on increasing the amount of reps per set each week, only adding weight if it starts to feel extremely easy, which it might since I haven’t done them in a while. Incline was fine. Nothing special just getting some reps. I’ve never done pin squats in this way so I intentionally went light and just tried to practice with the movement. Even at this light weight my quads were blowing up! I was surprised by this since I figured I’d feel this more in my hips like an Anderson squat. That wasn’t the case. I like them and will keep them in for a while, probably adding weight and decreasing reps per set…or not.


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