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The #1 Gym Sin

I’ve seen a lot of lists describing the so called “sins” one may be guilty of perpetrating in the gym. Generally I hate them. Usually they are a waste of time and include stupid things about what you wear to the gym and curling in the squat rack. I could give a fuck about any of that. I’m only concerned about getting better.

The #1 “sin” many people find themselves guilty of is simply EGO.

Ego will prevent you from making any real progress, make you look like a douche bag and, very probably, result in injuries. I don’t want this to be mistaken for confidence. Confidence is stepping up to push yourself within your means in an intelligent way. Ego is loading the bench up with hundreds of pounds over what you are capable of and doing 1 inch arm bends.

Most of the stupid shit you see in the gym, from terrible push ups to quarter squats, is because of ego. Don’t let yours hold you back from making real progress.


  • Front Squats: up to 325 x1@7.5, 285 6×3 @7.5-8.5
  • Incline Press: up to 200 x8 @9, x6 @8, x6 @9
  • Pin Squats (9th pin from bottom): 295 5×5 @7?
  • Neutral Grip DB Press: 75’s x12,12,10
  • Close Stance High Bar Squats: 225 x15 @8.5, x15 @10
  • Kaz Press on Smith Machine: 4×10 90

Still trying to get used to the Fronts. I find them pretty uncomfortable for anything over 1 rep so I’m staying light and just building the volume for a while. Judging my RPE for pin squats is tough in a way similar to higher rep deadlifts. It’s really just very tiring cardiovascularly (is that a word?) because of the time under tension.

Everything else is there just to get some higher reps/volume while I’m trying to build some muscle for this part of the training cycle. 15 reps on squats sucks!

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