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I’m Judgmental

Planet Fitness is in the news again. Per usual they are guilty of judging someone who they feel doesn’t fit their view of the world. This isn’t going to be a rant, again, against the aforementioned gym chain. Instead it got me thinking about judgement. I realized that I am guilty of the very thing that Planet Fitness professes to be against:  I (and most hard training lifters) am very judgmental of people in the gym.

If you spend more time playing with your phone than training, I judge you.

If you are more concerned with finding the right channel on the “cardio cinema” than working hard, I judge you.

If you sacrifice proper movement patterns/range of motion so that you can use more weight, I judge you.

If you jump right into heavy weights without a proper warm up, I judge you. 

If you spend your time putting on a big show to attract attention to yourself, regardless of the weight you are lifting, I judge you.

This list could go on for quite some time. Anyone who has reached a decent level of strength and movement mastery will acknowledge that most of the time no one gives two shits about you or what you do in the gym.

In an effort to end this on a positive note I will give my opinion on how to truly create a judgment free zone:

  1. Work hard
  2. Leave your ego at the door
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

These three simple rules can help alleviate much of the stupidity that drives others to judge.

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