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Front Squats

I love front squats. They don’t get enough respect. People are enamored with back squats because you can use so much more weight and feed your ego by doing ugly half reps. Not so with front squats. If the weight is too heavy you’ll lose it in the rack position right away. If you have any squat technique weaknesses they become magnified many times over when you  front squat.

Front squats also beat you up much less than back squats, certainly less than low bar squats. This allows you to train at a much higher frequency if you so choose which, of course, means I do.

I see no benefit in training fronts for more than 5 reps and, when I get right down to it, rarely see a need to go that high. 1-3 reps is better. Lots of sets anywhere from 5 to 30. Yes, 30. Quit whining. Though 8 to 10 is more likely where I end up settling. I like to hit a few heavier singles @9(ish) and then drop down for many sets of 2 or 3 @7-8(ish).

They are also great for building strong abs.


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