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The Fappening: Good For Society?

In case anyone isn’t familiar with the massive online community that is Reddit, the Fappening was the thread dedicated to the many hundreds of leaked photos from hacked celebrity iCloud accounts. The big name to come out of this has been Jennifer Lawrence. She has fought very hard to prevent people from seeing her naked ass.

I don’t condone hacking and stealing the private images of a person, even if they are huge celebrities that we all want to see naked. That’s a shitty thing to do. Despite that, I think, in a way, it’s good that it happened.

What, what, what!?!?!? How can I say that?

Simple: we get to see these (mostly? only?) women in the raw and, often, fully nude. This is good for more than just 14 – 65 year old men to wank to.

Women can see them too.

Too many women have body image and self esteem issues because they don’t look like so and so celebrity and have a little wrinkles around their eyes or carry a bit of extra fat around their belly button or some such nonsense. Guess what?


Even those who are models.Take away the make up, the lights, the photoshop and you see that nearly all of these women have bodies that are pretty normal, even average.

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