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Don’t Try To Ride Two Horses With One Ass

Working in a gen-pop gym exposes me to many interesting sights. By interesting I mean idiotic. The issue with all of this jack-assery is largely that it prevents people making real solid progress in their training.

One of the biggest issues I see is people trying to do too much at once or, as crusty old southerns might say, trying to ride two horses with one ass. In other words, they sacrifice quality for quantity and/or “efficiency.” A perfect example of this is the person you see bench pressing while doing flutter kicks or leg lifts.

The idea is obviously to get some extra ab work in while gettin’ your pecs all jacked up. In reality you’ve accomplished neither of those goals. The stability you sacrifice to do the ab work will severely limit the amount of weight you can bench press while the bench motion will limit the depth of abdominal contraction you can get. A better option would be to superset your bench and ab work. The time spent will be nearly the same but the results for both movements will be much greater.

We all tend to get carried away and it’s useful from time to time to take a step back and analyze your own training. You might just find that you’ve got one too many horses to asses.



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