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I’ve been training with Shane for about a year and a half.  I have to
say that he is the most effective, knowledgeable and creative trainer
that I’ve worked with.  I had lost weight before working with Shane
but I wanted to improve my overall physique, increase strength and eat
in a more balanced, nutritious way, rather than the low fat/low
calorie plan I had been following.  I was amazed at how quickly
Shane’s program increased my strength.  After only 2 weeks, I was able
to squat twice what I could originally.  After a month of training, I
dropped a dress size and felt more energized and healthy with the
nutrition plan Shane devised for me.

When I became pregnant with my son, I continued training with Shane.
He created a nutrition plan to meet all the needs of my changing body
and growing baby and we kept up with the strength training.  During
labor, the nurses told me they were amazed at how strong and effective
my pushes were and I attribute my fast labor and short pushing time
(only 45 minutes for a first baby…amazing!) to Shane’s training

Following my son’s birth, Shane gave me a new nutrition plan to ensure
a healthy milk supply, keep up my energy and help lose the last few
pounds of pregnancy weight gain.  Six weeks after my son was born, I
was back to my pre-pregnancy size and training harder than ever.  I’m
continuing to increase my strength and reach goals I never thought
possible before.  No matter your current life phase, strength or
weight, Shane can create a plan for you that will help you reach your
goals faster than you ever thought!!

Jordan Tanaka
Age 26



I started distance training with Shane about 4 months ago. Living in the Pacific NW, he was helping mevia the phone, texting, email, etc. He is fantastic. Over the summer I dropped over 4 inches off my waist,lost over 20 lbs, and gained a ton of muscle and definition. He worked with what I had available and Ididn’t need to buy anything that I didn’t want to.

The real fun began when I spent two weeks while in San Francisco training in person with Shane. Thisguy is fantastic. He learned quickly where I was at and what I was capable of. I was on vacation so hehad me go nuts with my eating and I still saw awesome results. My favorite example, the first day I front squatted 140 lbs…..two weeks later I got over 200 lbs. This all while nursing a bruised knee back to health!

We trained at the gym, around the city and in his personal workout area at his house. Physically, it wasthe best I have felt in years. Tell him what you want, and he’ll help get you there. When I got back frommy time with Shane in SF, I went for a jog. I hadn’t run the entire time in SF so I was expecting to have arough go. I ran farther, faster, and easier than I ever had before!

I strongly recommend Shane. He’s a fantastic trainer, a great guy, and a ton of fun!

Teige Weidner – age 25

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